We come to the battle field in our mighty steel war machines with our thunderous weapons to do battle with other warriors to earn our way to glory and fame.

We are here to have fun and enjoy the games we play, our main game is World of Tanks. Though there are other games we play as well. We like to enjoy the company of our clan mates, who are from all over the North American Continent.

We started from other clans who we ended up leaving for multiple reasons. therefore we are a new clan with many old clannies, but we welcome others with open arms.

All we ask is:

  • That you use Teamspeak3 so we can get to know you.
  • Do not team kill in pub matches.
  • We use the chain of command and expect you to as well.
  • Do not bring drama, as we have enough already.
  • Understand we use bad language. There is a room for clean language on our TS server